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About me and my blog

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Once upon a time

a software developer who worked his way up to project manager and later to manager. His rise often seemed to be more down to chance than targeted planning, and his dissatisfaction grew with every step he climbed. He moved further and further away from the fascinating, substantive work that had once inspired him.

Determined to take his professional destiny into his own hands, he took the plunge into self-employment. But ten years later, he found himself back in the supposedly secure structures of a large company. Despite new management positions and increasing responsibility, he was once again drawn to the adventurous life of self-employment - this time with the hope of keeping his finger on the pulse of technological development and finding a balance between creativity and rationality.

Back to self-employment

In 2012, I decided to become self-employed again and have never regretted this decision. With more than forty years of professional experience, I don’t just look back, I use my experience without getting lost in “what if” scenarios. I live in the here and now - and that is the core of this blog. I write to record what I have experienced and to share my learning experiences.

My new focus

Since becoming self-employed again, I have dedicated myself to user interface design, the development of apps and websites as well as photography. I am particularly interested in developing apps for senior citizens to enable them to lead a self-determined life at home. I have realized that I myself increasingly belong to this target group.

The design of websites for others is based on my own experience with websites for my services. Photography, a perfect symbiosis of technology and creativity, is playing an increasingly important role in my work.

The need for creative and innovative solutions is enormous, but all too often sustainability is ignored. Over the course of my career, I have made many mistakes and seen the experiences of older people ignored. These insights allow me to identify obstacles early on and develop more sustainable solutions.

Why yet another blog?

With forty years of experience, characterized by hard work and inspiration, I feel ready to share my knowledge in this blog and promote a balance between creativity and rationality.

Why Neodym

The idea for the blog came to me when I turned 60. While searching for a name associated with the number 60, I came across the chemical element neodymium, which has the atomic number 60.