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A warm welcome to you!

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation, the tried and tested meets the surprising and technology meets art.

I am at the beginning of an exciting journey in my digital writing and photography atelier. Starting with stories that bring my street photography to life, the blog has expanded to include a series that grew out of an experiment with ChatGPT and DALL-E, inspired by the book Schreiben unter Strom 1.

Look forward to future posts that dive deeper into the art of writing, knowledge management and technological innovation - areas that are constantly redefining our creative and professional work.

This blog is a living archive of change, an echo of the dynamic world in which we all operate. Here I share insights and ideas that are as fascinating in the making as they are in the contemplation.

I invite you to not only be a reader on this journey, but to become an active explorer. Every post here offers the chance to explore unknown paths together and challenge our perspectives. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, knowledge or just a moment of wonder, you’ll find it here. Bookmark it, share your thoughts in the comments and join me on this extraordinary adventure. The future may be an open book, but together we will discover it page by page.

  1. Schreiben unter Strom, Stephan Porombka, Dudenverlag ↩︎


Okiek Language
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In a small village, hidden in the folds of a forgotten valley and wrapped like a nest in the branches of a sleeping oak tree, a writer sat in a room that time seemed to have forgotten.
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In the twilight between day and dream, the shadowy realm of the rainforest unfolds. Where the celestial plankton gets caught up in the clouds..
Autopista AP-36
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On the AP-36 autopista, where thoughts do somersaults and the battery of reason takes its last breath, I steer my vehicle towards the sunset as if in a trance.
Swiss Cheese Model
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In the winding paths of a dream, where time glides on roller skates and logic rests on the green felt of a billiard table, cushions whisper unheard stories.
Update Jan 23, 2024
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Improving readability